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Drift Oceanside Inn is now open for the 2024 season! We are looking forward to the opening for the sixth season at Drift Oceanside Inn. We are continuing to complete renovations each winter in the hopes of making the units more comforting for all to enjoy. 

Fully renovated units now include 1-10, 12, 14,17, 19, 20.

Lightly touched up 11, 15, 16.

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“The inn is quite literally perched atop a ledge over the shore, giving roadtrippers the simple pleasures of the Mid-coast: gently crashing waves, lobster boats on the bay, fishing eagles on the rocky coast, and songbirds in the mossy woods. We recommend a sundown picnic on the private beach before watching the moon rise over the water.”

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“Drift is one of a handful of remaining lodgings that is right on the water. Ellen described the experience of being in the cabins as the tide laps at the nearby shore as akin to being on a boat.”

Our Story

Drift Oceanside Inn is located at 80 Beloin Road, in Camden Maine. It is seated atop beautiful ocean ledge, and overlooks the Penobscot Bay. A quick (1/3 mile) drive from Route 1 takes you down a densely forested road, opening to a private oceanfront oasis. Each unit perches above the ocean, providing sweeping views of the bay and islands therein. Enjoy the salty air, the gentle rhythm of the ocean waves, the fresh breeze, and the sweet joy of watching boats out on the water. Explore the surrounding woods and walk down to the hidden beach. A short 0.5 miles brings you to the Camden Hills State Park, where a drive up to Mt. Battie or a number of scenic hikes can be accessed. Located within Camden, Drift also allows quick and easy access to downtown shopping and restaurants.

Previously operated as Beloin’s on the Maine Coast, Drift has been a family run classic drive-up motel since the early 1940’s. In 2018 the Beloin family retired the business, and the Reynolds family took over operations. While the fall, winter and spring see renovations and improvements to the property, Drift is open for business between mid-May and mid-October every year. Some changes will be notable, but unchanged will be the incredible spirit and simple beauty of a quiet oceanfront retreat.

We are a family of four humans and a dog! Casey spent much of his childhood living in Maine, graduating from Camden Hills, and later from Maine Maritime Academy. He primarily works as a Marine Engineer in the commercial fishing industry. Ellen was born in Illinois, but has lived in Maine since 2010. She has a degree in Environmental Science and Marine Ecology from the University of North Carolina, and a Master’s in International Logistics Management from Maine Maritime Academy. Casey and Ellen are parents to two beautiful boys and a Rottweiler-Lab named Noodle! We love the unique beauty of Maine, and look forward to sharing it with you!

For those who have old favorites, our unit numbers will be different than they once were. We did not acquire the roadside portion of beloins, so we are not the owners of cabins 1-8. That means #9 is now #1 and so forth!

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