Camden, Maine

Camden is an incredible little town nestled into the heart of midcoast Maine.  “Where the mountains meet the sea”, beautiful old sea captain estates speckle the land, while gorgeous wooden tall ships still populate the waters of Camden.  It’s an incredible combination of old world and new, work and wealth, art and nature.

Where the mountains meet the sea.

Because this place harbors long and harsh winters, the summers are celebrated exuberantly, and every warm moment lived fully.  Maine, above all else, is a place to be outside.  It’s a place with beautiful rocky shores, steep mountains, adventurous trails, and calm, cool lakes.  It’s a place with micro farms that supply the local restaurant industry, and farm stands that still operate on the honor system.  A place where barns eventually fall under the weight of their own old age, and store fronts never change to keep the memory of this town’s foundation alive.  

Camden is a beautiful little piece of the world.  Lobstermen still go out every day to bring in fresh catch, and many mariner families still know what it means to wait on someone to come safely home (our own included).

Things To Do Near Camden

We love Camden because it’s a community that embraces family life, encourages curiosity, and drives adventurous exploration of the natural world.

Best Health-Friendly Sweet Treat

The Smoothie Shack

The Smoothie Shack is open during the summer season, is super kid friendly (family owned), and definitely kiddo approved! We always go for the veggie smoothies to get a little extra boost of nutrients.  You can always find kids here, and it’s a nice stop on the way to play on the Montessori playground!

46 Elm Street, Camden

Best Indulgent Sweet Treat


Summers in Maine are all about the ice cream, and ice cream stands can be found around every corner!  You can sit down by the ocean with a cone, walk through town, or cozy up to the Megunticook River (which literally runs right UNDER our downtown!) Town favorites include the Camden Cone and River Ducks.

31 Bayview Street, Camden

Best Indulgent Sweet Treat

River Ducks
Ice Cream

Summers in Maine are all about the ice cream, and ice cream stands can be found around every corner!  You can sit down by the ocean with a cone, walk through town, or cozy up to the Megunticook River (which literally runs right UNDER our downtown!) Town favorites include the Camden Cone and River Ducks.

19 Mechanic Street, Camden

Best Date Night

Long Grain Restaurant

Long Grain is an unassuming storefront without so much as a sign indicating its existence.  But make no mistake, this is the absolute best food in town. In the summer, a reservation is much needed, but this authentic Thai food is amongst the best in the nation.  It has received numerous awards and write-ups in various news sources, including the New York times. Beyond that, it’s owned by an amazing little family of truly good people.

20 Washington Street, Camden

Best Date Night

18 Central
Oyster Bar & Grill

18 Central offers fresh catch seafood and locally sourced American fare. This cozy atmosphere boasts a bustling bar, well-made cocktails, and reliably unique and delicious entrees.

18 Central Street, Rockport

Best Do-It-Yourself Dinner


Small “fresh lobster” signs can be spotted on just about any road in the area.  And it’s not a joke! Lobster can be bought easily straight from a lobsterman at a fairly cheap price, and steamed up at home with little knowledge or effort.  Throw it in a pot of boiling water, dip it in melted butter! It doesn’t get any better, fresher, or easier than that!

Best Coffee


Seafolk has a great space overlooking the Rockport Harbor.  Add delicious coffee, tasty snacks, and a family friendly vibe– it’s a perfect little spot for families.  The owners have four boys of their own, and understand and welcome the wild spirits of little ones.

22 Central Street, Rockport

Best Coffee


Zoot is right in the main strip of downtown Camden, and makes a logically easy drop-in for a quick coffee or meet up with friends.

31 Elm Street, Camden

Best Coffee

Owl & Turtle
Bookshop Cafe

Owl & Turtle is a great combo of coffee and books. It makes an excellent stop for cards or small gifts, and exhibits an excellent collection of local literature.

33 Bayview Street, Camden

Best Outside Activity


Amazing hiking trails, ranging in difficulty level, are also abundant here, and offer up some incredible views of the bay.  Maiden’s Cliff hiking trail gives an amazing view of Megunticook Lake, and has a large cross at the top to commemorate a maiden who, many years ago, fell to her death in pursuit of a windswept bonnet.  Bald Rock hike is the best bang-for-your-buck hike. It’s a fairly short trail of limited difficulty (about a mile up), and leads you to a gorgeous rock outcropping with sweeping views of the harbor. Bald Rock is part of the Camden Hills trail system, and can link up to other hikes to make a longer journey if desired!

Best Outside Activity


Beach exploration!  This one is good with kiddos for hours!  Tidal pools are awesome ecosystems for little explorers to watch, and the beach is always riddled with incredible shells, sea glass, driftwood, lobster buoys, crabs and other fun critters to follow about.  Laite Beach is a great little spot in walking distance from downtown. It has a bit of sand, which is not terribly common in our region of Maine, and offers some good afternoon shade as well. Because it’s close to town, it makes a good quick stop spot.

Lincolnville Beach is also a local favorite, with beach availability being best at low tide. Bring a picnic down, or plan to walk over to Whale’s Tooth Pub, The Lobster Pound, or McLaughlin’s Lobster Shack for a meal!

Best Outside Activity


Exploring blueberry barrens.  If the season is right, Maine is absolutely covered in wild blueberries.  They are fun to pick, and an early morning hike to the barrens leads to delicious blueberry pancakes to follow!  Many of the local hikes have blueberry barrens somewhere along the way, and most residents can guide you to a good spot!

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