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Drift Oceanside Inn opens for for the summer season on May 21st, 2020. 

Prepping for guests!

We're busy making final preparations for guests to enjoy the 2019 summer season. There has been a lot of hard work put forth to get things ready for summer...

Gorgeous snowy day here at the cabins

But work is still full speed ahead! Rooms are being painted, decks are being replaced, preparations for siding continue to progress! Might be hard to imagine here in the interim, but it really feels like something beautiful is being created!

A lot happening this week!

Getting some nice new coats of paint (I know some of you liked the sea foam, which I’m sorry to say will not be staying!) Also getting new doors on the motel, continuing to work on structural fixes, and having the grounds cleaned up by a tree crew!


Many things are still in the “take apart” phase (like most of the motel!) but some gorgeous stabilization has gone in beneath one of the cabins! Little by little!

Cold and windy

But the sun is shining on a gorgeous backdrop and work is being done! 😊

Making progress!

Confirming color changes with Missy and digging a drainage ditch with Herb!

An ocean view under a lifted foundation!

Some of the foundations had shifted significantly and need replacements to the broken sonotubes. Casey and I drove up the coast and met a guy who had excess cribbing (the large pieces of wood) for sale. He had a vast array of odds and ends and an old curmudgeonly dog...

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